I have a rich fantasy life…literally. The kind way to put it, no fuck kind, I live in a dump. The pipes leak, it has holes in the floor, the electrical scares the shit out of me…I don’t want to have a trailer fire, these things burn like a roman candle. The house I live in when I lust after a home on the other hand is a comfortable place to live. I sleep in a comfortable bed instead of on the couch. I can take a hot shower and fix a nice espresso. It is a very comfortable place to be so I window shop…I look at houses. I don’t actually go in the ones for sale right now but I drool over the glossy real estate magazines. I watch the virtual tours and I think about how wonderful it would be to make a small home with a fenced yard my haven. It makes me smile and somehow it keeps me going…I’m going to get to enjoy a place of my own someday.

I don’t own a car, I’m in a rural area without public transportation. I’m going to have a hybrid car one day…I’ve already picked it out. It is this delicious blue color called Seaside Pearl…with gray interior. I won’t be stranded forever…I’ll even be able to go see my kids, most of whom live in a nearby state. I’ve thought about how nice that will be.

My computer has been dying at the most inauspicious times the past few days. I’ve window shopped for a new one. It’s time…this time I’m getting an iMac. I’ve wandered over Ebay…I’ve looked in the Apple store on-line. I’ve researched the programs I want and I have unashamedly lusted. My Shih Tzu should be having a litter of pups in the next couple of weeks. Then eight weeks after that, good lord willing and the creek don’t rise…I’m getting a Mac! I’m so close to one of my fantasies becoming reality…I can taste it. I can feel it, and it feels good.

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