A Trail of Thought

I’m going through my things as I’m moving and I ran across an old journal. I have a tendency to stick odd pieces of paper and keepsakes in them. In this one I found something long forgotten, that once again took my breath away. I found this poem written by my son.


The sound of your voice,

The light of your smile,

These are the things,

That make life worthwhile.

The touch of your hand,

The warmth of your cheer,

These are the treasures

I count most dear.

The soul of your goodness,

The heart of your worth,

I wouldn’t give these

For half of the earth.

I also found a news paper article dated March 21, 1999. The headline reads:

Twenty students to attend writing festival.

The Klamath County School District will send 20 students to the 15th annual state writing festival, a day-long writing conference, at Portland State University in Portland on May 1.

Students with outstanding writing ability in grades 1-12 from throughout Oregon will attend.


My son was one of the twenty students invited to attend the writing conference. Here a mere seven years later, thousands of students from around the world can participate in writing conferences thanks to the internet and the advent of blogging.

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